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RFP title Solar Energy Professionals - NET ZERO CONSTRUCTION
Issued by IQ Radiant Glass
Entry Date 2017-05-13 07:43:14

We provide high performance window systems that improve energy consumption by taking the electricity from onsite Solar PV and utilize the energy to convert the windows in the building to a source of thermal comfort. We make buildings healthier and more efficient and can completely eliminate on site fossil fuel systems. In a sense, we make solar more efficient by using the solar to make the building more efficient. We are a natural add-on to any solar project and we further enhance the cash flow to support a PACE project by the savings derived from eliminating the conventional heating system.

We have the product that will be welcomed by the public utility industry.

We are looking to make a national alliance with strategic regional energy related partners and open to your proposals. We enclose a scientific paper on our core technology study conducted by Hydro Quebec.

  • Nationwide
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